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Porch Swing Rope With Wooden Porch Swings

Classic White Porch Swing

Since Georgia Swings began offering porch swing rope assembly hanging kits, more people choose it instead of chains. This does not imply that one is better than the other. In fact, our rope and chain hanging kits are relatively comparable in quality and strength. The primary factor most people use in selecting one of our hanging kits is purely aesthetics. Chains have also been used to hang swings as far as any of us can remember, and it is unlikely that will change anytime soon. Choosing the right rope can be an excellent alternative for patio swings. A rope has a softer organic look that adds just the right element to compliment a naturally beautiful solid wooden swing.

Luxury Porch Swing with Rope

Porch Swings designed for rope

Ever wonder why wooden Georgia Swings look so fabulous with a rope? This is because our swings are modified and balanced for use with our rope assembly hanging kits. Simply adding rope to any old swing won’t do. Let us build you one of our handcrafted southern made swings with our rope hanging assembly for a perfect fit. Georgia Swings are the best wooden swings for use with rope.

Things to consider when choosing hanging material

While rope may be a preference for some people to hang their swing, here are a few things to consider.

  • Chains are much easier to level off a swing than rope. Simply counting the chain links is sometimes all that is necessary to level a swing with chains. Rope requires more skill and patience. Hire a professional if possible.
  • Please make sure you choose our rope hanging kit since our rope doesn’t shrink, stretch, rot, or mildew. Buying the right type of rope for swings is critical for avoiding future problems.

What are the best porch swings for use with rope?

Here are a couple of suggestions of popular porch swings that look great with either chains or rope.

  1. The Ellijay
  2. The Decatur