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Cedar Swings Vs. Kiln Dried Treated Pine Swings

White Porch Swing in Gazebo

When picking out the perfect material for your outdoor swings, Georgia Swings makes it easy to select the best type of wood. We do this by offering only wood that is suited for outdoor use as a starting point. Since swings are considered outdoor furniture, we see no point in providing customers with swings that can’t withstand outdoor elements.

Picking out the material for swings isn’t something you should take lightly. You want to ensure that you pick out materials that will stand the test of time for years to come. Whether you’re considering western red cedar swings, kiln-dried pine swings, or other types of wood for your swing, it’s essential to know the benefits of each kind of wood.

Western Red Cedar Swings

One of the most significant benefits of western red cedar wood is its ability to resist moisture, rot, decay, and most pests. Western red cedar is naturally beautiful due to its rich, crisp tonal properties.

Unfinished Western Red Cedar

Did you know that when you buy western red cedar swings, you’re contributing to the environment? Western red cedar comes from the most sustainable, managed forests in the entire world. We particularly love western red cedar porch swings for their natural beauty and durability.

Kiln Dried Treated Pine Swings

Kiln-dried treated offers some of the same benefits as cedar. It has been kiln-dried to improve the stability of the wood and treated for additional protection against pests and decay.

Kiln Dried Treated Pine
Unfinished Kiln Dried Treated Pine

Cedar Vs. Pine

Are you trying to decide which wood is better for your swing? Let’s compare the differences between western red cedar and kiln-dried treated pine to assist in determining which wood is best for you.

Examine the chart below as a guide to help in your wood selection.

Western Red CedarKiln Dried Treated Pine
PaintingFair – Requires two or more coats of paint for coverage. Excellent
StainingExcellent- It brings out the character in the wood grain.Fair/Poor – May appear blotchy.
Sun ExposureExcellentFair – Direct Sunlight may cause warping.
Against Moisture & DecayExcellentGood – The kiln-dried pine must be treated for maximum protection. Untreated pine should not be used for outdoor furniture.
StabilityExcellent – doesn’t warp easilyFair – may warp over time
WeightLight -recommended for large swingsHeavy – not recommended for bed swings
KnotsVery knotty- It looks better stained than painted. Painting over knots may appear as defects.Very little to no knots for premium grade.

Whatever material you choose for your outdoor swing, be sure that you let the professionals at Georgia Swings help you find the perfect swing for you today!