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Buy Custom-Size Porch Swings & Bed Swings

Porch Swing with Cushion & Pillows

Hanging Design & Cupholders Options

To make the best use of your outdoor space, we have decided to allow you to customize your porch with many great functional options. Currently, you can get any Georgia Swings brand porch swing with either chain or rope design hanging options. In addition, while the Ellijay and the Canton swings come with built-in cupholders, you are now able to add the cupholder option to the Decatur porch swing right from the product page. This option was only made available to in-store shoppers, but now anyone who purchases the Decatur porch swing online will be able to add built-in cupholders to their swing.

Stain & Urethane Finish Options

You may select from one of our 12 hand-picked finish options to beautify your wooden swing. Wood finishes include semi-transparent stains, solid stains, clear urethane, and unfinished. However, if you select unfinished, we recommend that you add a wood protectant. The solid stains cover the wood in the same manner that paint does. In comparison, semi-transparent stains allow the natural wood grain to show while tinting the wood to your desired preference. Finally, spar urethane provides moisture and UV protection while showing natural color and wood grain.

Custom-Size Porch Swings

Our standard porch swings range from 4 to 7 feet in total length. You may also order any custom-size porch swings or bed swings. The total length is measured from the outside armrest. Our porch swings also have seat depth options that allow our clients to select either 18″ or 20″ seat depth. However, the Decatur porch swing offers three size options of 18″, 20″, and 24″ seat depth.

Custom-Size Porch Swings
The Decatur Porch Swing

Custom-Size Bed Swings

Our standard bed swings are available in crib, twin, and full size. The total width and length of bed swings depend on the design you select. You can find the outside dimensions of each bed swing design on their product page. In addition, the bed swings category page shows the current Georgia Swings bed swing designs available for purchase.

White Bed Swing with Sunbrella Cushion

Porch Swing & Bed Swing Cushions

All of our swings can be custom-made in any size to accommodate your space requirements. Therefore, the swing cushions and pillows are also customized to fit the porch and bed swings. We offer bed swing cushions, porch swing cushions, lumbar pillows, and bolster pillows with the purchase of any handcrafted Georgia Swings brand swings.