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What to Expect When Buying A Custom Porch Swing

Buying A Custom Porch Swing

Many products we use daily are mass-produced in factories, most overseas. So there are many unknowns when buying an imported porch swing. As a result, it can be challenging to know whether a product you’re purchasing will be of high quality.

We do things differently at Georgia Swings. For example, we don’t build barn doors or tabletops. Instead, we focus all of our attention on just building swings. An American-made Georgia Swings brand porch swing gives you confidence that your product is constructed with care and made of solid natural wood and high-quality finishes. We’ve detailed the process below, so you’ll know what to expect when placing an order.

Process Overview

Building a handcrafted porch swing from scratch takes time. When placing an order with Georgia Swings, you’ll get to choose the size of your swing, the type of wood, the color of the stain or paint, an optional topcoat finish, the seat depth, the hanging design, a cup holder option, and an option for swing cushions, depending on the product.

As you can see, your swing is entirely customizable, and going through the process of crafting a custom-made item starts when placing your order. Remember that we will only put your item into our queue once your order is received, and peak seasons have longer lead times. Therefore, the fastest way to receive your porch swing is to place an order as soon as possible. Once you submit your order, the building process will begin. We do not cut corners and rush through the necessary steps. We perform detailed quality assurance checks throughout the process to ensure that every swing meets the highest quality standards.

The Selection

After you’ve decided which porch swing design to buy, you’ll begin by choosing the type of wood for your swing. The standard wood options for porch swings are western red cedar, kiln-dried pine, or white oak. Bed swings are made from western red cedar unless specified otherwise. You’ll also get to select the length of the porch swing and the seat depth of the swing.

Once the wood is selected, the parts are fabricated by surfacing, ripping, sanding, routing, jointing, and assembled before moving on to the finishing stage.

We recommend buying a Georgia Swings brand hanging kit since they provide exceptional quality and stability. There is no need to worry about sagging bed swings with our high-quality rope kits.

Finishing the Swing

After preparing the wood and assembling the parts for the porch swing, we move on to the finishing stage. There are various stains and paints to choose from for your swing. More transparent and natural stain colors bring out the natural color of the wood you select; there are also darker stains, like Jacobean or Burnt Hickory. Also, you can choose a solid white or black paint finish for your swing.

If you’ve chosen a stain finish, you can select the clearcoat option, which will help protect the wood against UV rays and moisture. Adding more coats of clear urethane also makes a smoother finish. We recommend at least two urethane top coats if you want a stain finish on swings made from western red cedar.

Shipping and Receiving your Porch Swing

Custom shipping pallets are designed for each swing. The pallets are constructed of solid wood to provide a secure way of transporting your fully assembled swing across the United States. You will need a power drill with a standard Phillips drill bit and a T-25 drill bit to remove the screws and disassemble the pallet.

Final Thoughts

Georgia Swings brand swings are made in the United States. Therefore you can rest assured that these products are handcrafted with quality and integrity. So place your order today and begin enjoying the benefits of buying a custom porch swing.