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Swing Covers Protect and Preserve

Black Porch Swing Cover

Why Should I Buy A Swing Cover?

Porch swings are a great furniture addition to your outdoor living space. They are relaxing and soothing to sit in. Wooden porch swings are the most beautiful and comfortable type of swings to have. When placed in direct sunlight, they won’t get nearly as hot as metal or plastic swings, which can burn your skin. However, wood requires special care when exposed to rain and direct sunlight. A swing cover is a perfect solution for all swing types. Swing covers will also protect your swing from dust and pollen while preventing fading and discoloration caused by the sun. If you plan on using your swing only during certain times of the year, you can store it in place with a swing cover without needing to remove it.

Choosing The Right Swing Cover

There are many different swing sizes and models available on the market. You want to ensure that you buy a cover with the proper fit for your swing and that the material is durable enough to withstand rain and sunlight. Georgia Swings brand swing covers are designed to fit Georgia Swings brand models perfectly. However, this cover will fit other brands with similar designs.

Explore Georgia Swings brand porch swing covers.

Porch swing cover after heavy rain.
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Wood Swings Finished With Urethane

Urethane on Cedar

Let’s face it.  Wood is the overall best option for porch swings, bed swings, and most patio furniture in general.  This is based on factors that consist of cost, strength, look, comfort, and maintenance.  For example, steel may be stronger, but who would really consider that comfortable?  Composite material may require less maintenance, but it lacks any real character.  We can contrast and compare materials all day long, but natural wood would prevail as the most practical solution.

When it comes to finishes, wood is the most versatile.  It can be left natural or finished with stain, varnish, paint, epoxy, and so forth.  Leaving it unfinished is fine, but you will extend the life of it tenfold by adding a coat of urethane and keeping it varnished over the life of the swing.  How often one should reapply depends on the wear of the varnish.  If the swing is in direct sunlight every day of the year, you may have to reapply a fresh coat of urethane every few years.  If your swing is under a covered patio or porch with light to moderate use, you may only have to reapply a light coat every 5 years or more.  Many variables, such as the amount of use, climate, and exposure, will determine when a fresh urethane coat should be applied.  A visual inspection and personal preference is the only rule of thumb when determining when to varnish your swing with urethane.