The Best Bed Swings For Sale

One of the Best Swing Beds

When in the market for porch swing beds, you’ll want to buy one of the best bed swings of the highest quality possible. Installing swing beds outside require that they withstand a fair amount of exposure to moisture and inclement weather. However, we recommend installing under a covered porch or patio since it gives you the most protection. In addition, bed swings are much larger than your traditional porch swings and, therefore, must be made to accommodate the additional load requirements. Georgia Swings builds bed swings with all of these variables in mind.

You’ll often hear the old saying that companies “just don’t make furniture like they used to.” Too often, companies cut corners, using low-quality materials and machines to churn out furniture that doesn’t meet a high quality standard. We choose to do things differently not only because we have integrity and a passion for woodworking but also because we want Georgia Swings to set the precedence for building quality swing beds.

Features of the Savannah Swing Bed

The Savannah is one of the best swing beds on the market for many reasons. One thing that sets the Georgia Swings Savannah swing bed apart from others is the elegant design. This daybed porch swing is aesthetically gorgeous with or without pillows. Pillows should be optional, not required to get the desired look and feel you select for your bed swing. The Savannah looks incredible from all sides! However, it is not just a pretty face. It is also highly robust. The high balusters essentially give you the option to use the sides as a backrest also.

The Best Bed Swings For Sale

The Savannah daybed swing is handcrafted with solid western red cedar, a durable timber known for use in outdoor projects as it is naturally resistant to rot, bugs, and decay. The wood has a classic look when stained, from natural to rich, darker colors. The western red cedar does have a natural rosy undertone, hence the red cedar name, and it looks excellent stained and still looks beautiful regardless of the chosen stain color. In addition, the stability of the wood allows it to withstand the heat and humidity of the summer without bending or breaking. All Georgia Swings brand swing beds can support up to 1350 pounds.

What Makes Georgia Swing Beds Unique?

All of our swings are handmade in America. Our bed swings are assembled entirely by hand in our shop by professional craftsmen. It’s rare to find handcrafted furniture with the attention to detail and quality woodworking features you’ll find in a Georgia Swings brand product. When choosing porch bed swings, you should avoid lower-quality materials, including manufactured wood. These items may come with a lower price tag but often will cost more in the long run; they won’t last that long and may not support very much weight.

With the Savannah, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is finding a good book to read as you enjoy the outdoors.


When comparing the Savannah, which is undoubtedly one of the best bed swings, to the other swings on the market, the difference is clear: there is no comparison between similar items and this unique piece of furniture. Instead, the Savannah gives you a show-stopping piece of furniture to display on the front porch, patio, or sunroom while also providing a comfortable and relaxing place to spend your time. There are three standard sizes to choose from online, or you may have your swing custom built to fit a space of any size. With a carefully curated selection of rich stain finishes and cushion fabrics, your ideal piece of furniture with customization options awaits you!

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