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Swing Hanging Kits

pro manilla rope for swings

Georgia Swings offers a choice of rope or chain hanging kits to get your favorite bed swing or porch swing ready-to-hang 100%. We’ve tested many types of ropes and chains over the years and we’ve finally decided which ones are excellent for what we do.

It’s a fine balance between beauty, strength, and durability. The ropes and chains we offer for swings look great and perform very well outdoors. Don’t forget to add it to your cart during checkout!

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Custom Bed Swings

Custom Bed Swing

If you have an idea for a bed swing or would like to have it customized to suit your needs, Georgia Swings can help you build it the way you want it.  Since our swings are made to order, this allows our customers have input in the design based on a need or preference that they may have.  This can be anything  from the color, size, design, or even the type of wood used.  Your design may even become an addition to our swing line. 

Contact for more information on ordering your custom bed swing.

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Why You Should Buy A Natural Wooden Swing With A Urethane Finish

Urethane finish repels water beads on  wood

Lets face it.  Wood is the overall best option for porch swings, bed swings and most patio furniture in general.  This is based on factors that consist of cost, strength, look, comfort, and maintenance.  For example, steel may be stronger, but who would really consider that comfortable?  Composite material may requires less maintenance, but it lacks any real character.  We can contrast and compare materials all day long, but natural wood would prevail as the most practical solution.

When it comes to finishes, wood is the most versatile.  It can be left natural, or finished with stain, varnish, paint, epoxy, and so forth.  Leaving it unfinished is fine, but you will extend the life of it tenfold by adding a coat of urethane and keeping it varnished over the life of the swing.  How often one should reapply depends on the wear of the varnish.  If the swing is in direct sunlight everyday of the year, you may have to reapply a fresh coat of urethane every few years.  If your swing is under a covered patio or porch with light to moderate use, you may only have to reapply a light coat every 5 years or more.  There are many variables such as the amount of use, climate, and exposure that will determine when a fresh coat of urethane should be applied.  A visual inspection and personal preference is the only rule of thumb when determining when to varnish your swing with urethane. 

It is always recommended that you allow Georgia Swings to apply the initial coat of urethane to your swing at the time of purchase.  This will ensure that each piece of wood is varnished prior to assembly for better wood and moisture protection.

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Swing Installations for Atlanta and Beyond

Porch swing installation

We at Georgia Swings are committed to customer service.  As such, by customer demand, we are pleased to add the professional installation services of porch swings and swing beds.

Typically, swing beds use 4 hanging points and swings typically use 2 hanging points. Both chains and ropes come in various sizes which determines the weight capacity.  Whether you choose chain or rope, call Georgia Swings to get a quote.

Pricing will be based on a case by case basis, so just give us a call at 404-576-9370 to discuss your project. We can usually provide you with an estimate if you send us pictures of your swing and ceiling.