How much weight can twin-size bed swings support?

twin-size bed swings

Georgia Swings brand twin-size bed swings with a 4 hanging point rope kit can support loads up to 1350 lbs.

How much weight can porch swings support?

White Wooden Porch Swing

Georgia Swings brand porch swings can support loads from 600 lbs to 1100 lbs. Porch swings reinforced with the rope hanging design are the best option for strength. These swings include the Ellijay, the Canton, and the Decatur porch swings.

How long will western red cedar porch swings last outdoors?

Wooden Porch Swings For Sale

A properly finished and sealed swing made from western red cedar will last outdoors for decades with proper maintenance. Providing cover from moisture and UV rays will offer the best protection for outdoor swings.

Is installation included with the purchase of a swing?

No. Installation is not included with the purchase of the swings. This is a separate charge that is paid at the time and completion of the installation. The installation cost is based on the size and type of swing and the type of structure where the swing will hang.