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Cedar Swings Vs. Kiln Dried Treated Pine Swings

White Porch Swing in Gazebo

When picking out the perfect material for your outdoor swings, Georgia Swings makes it easy to select the best type of wood. We do this by offering only wood that is suited for outdoor use as a starting point. Since swings are considered outdoor furniture, we see no point in providing customers with swings that can’t withstand outdoor elements.

Picking out the material for swings isn’t something you should take lightly. You want to ensure that you pick out materials that will stand the test of time for years to come. Whether you’re considering western red cedar swings, kiln-dried pine swings, or other types of wood for your swing, it’s essential to know the benefits of each kind of wood.

Western Red Cedar Swings

One of the most significant benefits of western red cedar wood is its ability to resist moisture, rot, decay, and most pests. Western red cedar is naturally beautiful due to its rich, crisp tonal properties.

Unfinished Western Red Cedar

Did you know that when you buy western red cedar swings, you’re contributing to the environment? Western red cedar comes from the most sustainable, managed forests in the entire world. We particularly love western red cedar porch swings for their natural beauty and durability.

Kiln Dried Treated Pine Swings

Kiln-dried treated offers some of the same benefits as cedar. It has been kiln-dried to improve the stability of the wood and treated for additional protection against pests and decay.

Kiln Dried Treated Pine
Unfinished Kiln Dried Treated Pine

Cedar Vs. Pine

Are you trying to decide which wood is better for your swing? Let’s compare the differences between western red cedar and kiln-dried treated pine to assist in determining which wood is best for you.

Examine the chart below as a guide to help in your wood selection.

Western Red CedarKiln Dried Treated Pine
PaintingFair – Requires two or more coats of paint for coverage. Excellent
StainingExcellent- It brings out the character in the wood grain.Fair/Poor – May appear blotchy.
Sun ExposureExcellentFair – Direct Sunlight may cause warping.
Against Moisture & DecayExcellentGood – The kiln-dried pine must be treated for maximum protection. Untreated pine should not be used for outdoor furniture.
StabilityExcellent – doesn’t warp easilyFair – may warp over time
WeightLight -recommended for large swingsHeavy – not recommended for bed swings
KnotsVery knotty- It looks better stained than painted. Painting over knots may appear as defects.Very little to no knots for premium grade.

Whatever material you choose for your outdoor swing, be sure that you let the professionals at Georgia Swings help you find the perfect swing for you today!

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What Are The Best Bed Swings For Outdoor Use?

The Roswell Outdoor Porch Swing Bed

With the summer months just around the corner and those long hot days edging closer, many homeowners will now be thinking about adding a bed swing to their property. Whether it’s taking an afternoon nap, relaxing with your family, or chatting with friends, a bed swing is a fantastic addition to any home.

However, with so many options available, finding the best outdoor bed swing for your home can be a challenge, and you need to ensure you are opting for the right materials. To help you, we have taken a closer look at three key factors to consider:


Your bed swing will likely be facing regular exposure to moisture and will be spending long periods of time in sunlight. This means the material used in the construction of your bed is essential, and Western Red Cedar not only looks fantastic, but it is also one of the best materials. Properly sealed and cared for, this wood will be able to last for many years. 


Another important consideration when finding the best bed swings for outdoor use is the hardware used in the construction. There are many options available, but stainless and galvanized steel offer the most durability and protection against the elements.


The other key consideration when searching for the best bed swings for outdoor use is the furnishings. These will face constant exposure to the elements, so opting for acrylic cushions and pillows will ensure that they remain to look fantastic and in the best condition possible for a long time.

Looking for the best bed swings for outdoor use?

If you seek the best outdoor bed swings for your home, then Georgia Swings is here to help you. Specializing in handcrafted wooden porch and bed swings, we guarantee the highest quality products, and we pride ourselves on our friendly and approachable service.

Want to find out more? Check out our full range of outdoor bed swings here.

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The Elegant Decatur Porch Swing

White Decatur Porch Swing With Rope

Nothing beats a beautiful evening spent in comfort on a porch swing, being able to slow down just enough to take in the scenery and unwind. And if you’re looking for the best swing option to buy today, then you can’t look past The Decatur Porch Swing.

Porch Swing With Rope On Screened Porch
6′ Decatur white porch swing made from kiln dried pine

Vintage Craft

The Decatur porch swing, designed by Georgia Swings, is a throwback to a simpler time. Hand-carved by expert craftsmen, each swing gets the same dedication, love, and care when made to order.

Comfort and Quality

Though classic in style, the Decatur porch swing is modern in technique, ensuring that it’s far more than decoration. With a flat seat made to support cushions and a robust hanging rope design that can support 1100 Lbs of weight, it’s luxury built to last.

Rustic Style

Beautifully designed following Southern artisan traditions, the Decatur porch swing is the perfect centerpiece to any yard. With a wide array of wood finishes and elegant fabrics, it’s sure to be the envy of the neighborhood.

Why People Choose The Decatur

If you’re looking for that perfect piece to brighten up your yard this summer, then you’ve got to go with the Decatur porch swing. With the perfect blend of expert craftsmanship, style, and comfort, the Decatur is fast becoming one of our most popular porch swings.

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Porch Swing Cupholders

Porch Swing Cupholder

The Best Swings with Built-In Cupholders

Porch swings with built-in cupholders included are The Canton and The Ellijay. The bed swings that include cupholders are The Buckhead and The Lanier. Our cupholders are built by boring out solid wood. They are up to 2-1/2″ deep, so your beverages stay put no matter how hard you swing. Our cupholders will accommodate containers up to 3″ in diameter.

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Luxurious Cedar Bed Swings

Outdoor hanging bed swing

Bed Swings adds resort-style leisure to residential outdoor living areas.

If you’re looking for a way to make your porch more comfortable and more stylish, you have a few options. Some regular chairs and benches can be comfortable, but you often lack the stylish appeal you might be looking for. A handmade cedar bed swing may be the missing link.

There are porch swings and porch bed swings, both of which look fantastic but serve different comfort purposes. When deciding between a porch swing and a bed swing for your porch, you should think about the look you’re going for as well as the purpose you want the bench for.

While we offer both of these two products, we want to make sure to help you get exactly what you’re looking for. Taking the time to research the different products and styles available will help you make the perfect choice for your newly remodeled porch.

Porch Swings vs. Bed Swings

You’re probably familiar with porch swings; they are more common and seen in homes all over the country. These swings are often designed for those who have a little bit less space available on the porch, though some are larger than others. The bench on a porch swing is normally designed to fit two or three people comfortably sitting. If you’ve ever pictured a comfortable place to sit down and read a book, a porch swing likely comes to mind.

A bed swing, on the other hand, is generally significantly bigger than your average porch swing. Cedar bed swings are luxurious ways to find the ultimate relaxation; they are designed to fit at minimum a crib or twin-sized mattress, and some are larger and can accommodate more people. These beds provide a gentle sway that is extremely relaxing and makes the user feel like they are floating on a cloud.

Our cedar bed swings come with a variety of different features; some have cup holders, some have wide armrests to hold your phones, tablets, or drinks, and others have high backrests so you can choose to sit or lay down. Whatever kind of bed swing you’re looking for, it can be customized for you and your family.

Which is Right for Me?

To decide between a porch swing and a bed swing, you’ll need to think about a couple of factors. First of all, a porch swing can be placed in locations with less space than is required for a bed swing, so if you’re limited on space, you might choose a porch swing.

White Porch SwingCedar Bed Swing

If you have space and looking for a comfortable place to sit or lay down, you should definitely consider looking at the available bed swings. With tons of different fabrics, finishes, and hanging kits to choose from, you’re bound to find exactly the look you want for your porch.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for something stylish or comfortable, you can’t go wrong with a porch swing or a cedar bed swing. When deciding between the two, think about what you’ll use your swing for as well as the look you’re going for. Your porch is going to look fantastic!

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Porch Swing Rope With Wooden Porch Swings

Classic White Porch Swing

Since Georgia Swings began offering porch swing rope assembly hanging kits, more people choose it instead of chains. This does not imply that one is better than the other. In fact, our rope and chain hanging kits are relatively comparable in quality and strength. The primary factor most people use in selecting one of our hanging kits is purely aesthetics. Chains have also been used to hang swings as far as any of us can remember, and it is unlikely that will change anytime soon. Choosing the right rope can be an excellent alternative for patio swings. A rope has a softer organic look that adds just the right element to compliment a naturally beautiful solid wooden swing.

Luxury Porch Swing with Rope

Porch Swings designed for rope

Ever wonder why wooden Georgia Swings look so fabulous with a rope? This is because our swings are modified and balanced for use with our rope assembly hanging kits. Simply adding rope to any old swing won’t do. Let us build you one of our handcrafted southern made swings with our rope hanging assembly for a perfect fit. Georgia Swings are the best wooden swings for use with rope.

Things to consider when choosing hanging material

While rope may be a preference for some people to hang their swing, here are a few things to consider.

  • Chains are much easier to level off a swing than rope. Simply counting the chain links is sometimes all that is necessary to level a swing with chains. Rope requires more skill and patience. Hire a professional if possible.
  • Please make sure you choose our rope hanging kit since our rope doesn’t shrink, stretch, rot, or mildew. Buying the right type of rope for swings is critical for avoiding future problems.

What are the best porch swings for use with rope?

Here are a couple of suggestions of popular porch swings that look great with either chains or rope.

  1. The Ellijay
  2. The Decatur