Outdoor hanging bed swing

Luxurious Cedar Bed Swings

Bed Swings adds resort-style leisure to residential outdoor living areas.

If you’re looking for a way to make your porch more comfortable and more stylish, you have a few options. Some regular chairs and benches can be comfortable, but you often lack the stylish appeal you might be looking for. A handmade cedar bed swing may be the missing link.

There are porch swings and porch bed swings, both of which look fantastic but serve different comfort purposes. When deciding between a porch swing and a bed swing for your porch, you should think about the look you’re going for as well as the purpose you want the bench for.

While we offer both of these two products, we want to make sure to help you get exactly what you’re looking for. Taking the time to research the different products and styles available will help you make the perfect choice for your newly remodeled porch.

Porch Swings vs. Bed Swings

You’re probably familiar with porch swings; they are more common and seen in homes all over the country. These swings are often designed for those who have a little bit less space available on the porch, though some are larger than others. The bench on a porch swing is normally designed to fit two or three people comfortably sitting. If you’ve ever pictured a comfortable place to sit down and read a book, a porch swing likely comes to mind.

A bed swing, on the other hand, is generally significantly bigger than your average porch swing. Cedar bed swings are luxurious ways to find the ultimate relaxation; they are designed to fit at minimum a crib or twin-sized mattress, and some are larger and can accommodate more people. These beds provide a gentle sway that is extremely relaxing and makes the user feel like they are floating on a cloud.

Our cedar bed swings come with a variety of different features; some have cup holders, some have wide armrests to hold your phones, tablets, or drinks, and others have high backrests so you can choose to sit or lay down. Whatever kind of bed swing you’re looking for, it can be customized for you and your family.

Which is Right for Me?

To decide between a porch swing and a bed swing, you’ll need to think about a couple of factors. First of all, a porch swing can be placed in locations with less space than is required for a bed swing, so if you’re limited on space, you might choose a porch swing.

White Porch SwingCedar Bed Swing

If you have space and looking for a comfortable place to sit or lay down, you should definitely consider looking at the available bed swings. With tons of different fabrics, finishes, and hanging kits to choose from, you’re bound to find exactly the look you want for your porch.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for something stylish or comfortable, you can’t go wrong with a porch swing or a cedar bed swing. When deciding between the two, think about what you’ll use your swing for as well as the look you’re going for. Your porch is going to look fantastic!

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